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Buses en days off

I'm on my second day of three days off in a row! I haven't had three days off in a row since I started working, so I've almost forgotten what that feels like ;)

Yesterday I did absolutely nothing at all. I cleaned my bike, did groceries, made the most delicious lasagne ever, and went running. And watched the third episode of Sherlock. Ok, looking back I did quite a few things, haha.

And today I played Pokémon from 12 tot 18 hours with a few kids, so a day like that always goes by way too fast. I just have the evening left now to catch up on my email and write a few words for my RPS Big Bang.

My dad is in Germany for a whole week, so I'm looking after his house for him. It's a little lonely, being alone inside a big house, but mostly it's amazing because a) he left me money for the groceries, b) this house has a dishwasher and c) it's a whole house! I can walk more than 3 steps from one end of the room to the other.
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