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Glee obsession? Nah...

Oh, yes, hi, I'm alive. Sorry for disappearing over the summer, I guess that my life was so uneventful that it was not worth writing about it ;)

Now, however! Does any of you still watch Glee? There are three series that I watch these days. In order of how excited I am/was about them: Supernatural, Brothers&Sisters, Glee. But since last week, Glee has totally made up for the random storylines of last season and has quickly jumped to the number 1 position in my book, and I'm suddenly so excited for all the new episodes. Although, slightly spoilery, I'm dreading next week's episode a bit ):

It's gotten so bad that I downloaded a bunch of Glee songs to my iPod. Last night I was sitting in the bus back home for an hour, and I was listening to a selection of songs on shuffle, including the Glee version of Teenage Dream. And it was ridiculous, I've had that song on repeat for nearly a week now, and I still start beaming whenever it starts playing. I felt like an idiot, sitting in the bus, just grinning stupidly out of the window, all because of a stupid song!

So yeah. Watch Glee episode 2.06? And when you're at it, 2.07 was pretty awesome too ;)
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