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Don't Stop Believing (or the Amazingness of Chris Colfer)

When forced to choose between writing an essay for uni and making a Glee/Chris Colfer LJ post... the choice is not that difficult ;) And because of the sheer amazingness of his Golden Globe win last night, I must now spam all your flists with Chris Colfer + Golden Globe.

Chris winning the Golden Globe and his acceptance speech. He looks so shocked and genuinely surprised at his win, it's so adorable to watch. But then he walks up the stage and gives the best, eloquent and yet concise acceptance speech with so much feeling and he's clearly still so shocked. I've watched this over a dozen times already, and I can't watch it too many times, really.

And there's the fact that Jane Lynch won an award too, and Glee won once again for best Comedy/Musical TV Series, and the press moment for that afterwards was so precious too. Especially note the bit between 5:00 and 5:20 where Chris is adorable and Darren and Chris joke together.

Also (spoilers!), I'm so excited for the new Lady Gaga song they're gonna do on Glee later in the season (Born Like This) which will more than likely feature Max Adler, Darren Criss and Chris Colfer, Ryan Murphy said so himself! And now I'm even more excited for Glee to return in February because all this waiting is killing me, and I want more than just spoilers for Blaine and Kurt, and want them on my screen more! And I have decided that I want them to postpone the actual relationship (which I'm sure will happen) for as long as possible, because the build-up and the flirting and the UST is more fun to watch :D

I promise I'll make a non-Glee LJ post sometime this week as well, after I hand in my essay tonight, I'll have a bit more time on my hands :) And I actually do have a lot of stuff to say, because it turns out I suddenly have a life!
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