Anna (arcanise) wrote,

Oookay, so that was stupid

I can worry so much sometimes about something which is totally not worth my frustration and attention!

I'm giving Swedish lessons every Tuesday, and since I'm going to Sweden for a week in two weeks' time, I'll have to cancel that particular lesson. I already cancelled a lesson back in November cos I was going to a concert by Jónsi, for which I will just continue for another lesson in March. But I was worried that I wouldn't be able to continue for a second extra lesson in March.

I've literally put off calling the guy in charge of the institute for three whole weeks. Now I really had to call him, because I'll have to tell my course members tomorrow what the plan is.

And he was totally fine with it. It was no problem at all. I could continue for another lesson in March, no worries. As long as I let my course members know.

Pfff, I'm such an idiot. Why didn't I call him three weeks ago, and spare myself the worrying about this all?
Tags: real life
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