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Glee 2x20 Prom Queen

OMG, OMG, OMG. I have no words to talk about this episode coherently! I had been looking forward to this episode for two weeks, cos it sounded like it was gonna be good, and usually that means I'm disappointed because it doesn't live up to my expectations, but... It was so. fucking. good. Even better than I expected! I don't even know where to start, so I'll have a whole list. And then I'll go rewatch the episode XD

  • Kurt's prom proposal.

  • Blaine's back story.

  • Kurt's FACE and his happy squeak when Blaine said yes.

  • Blaine's face throughout the entire episode. Darren, you are fucking awesome.

  • OMG, how awesome did Rolling in the Deep sound? Acapella, Rachel/Jesse duet. I was so blown away.


  • Santana has really grown on me this season.

  • Chris Colfer's ninja skills on display during Isn't She Lovely. Too bad I don't like that song at all. So overplayed and overused in all those millions of talent shows.

  • "Dude that rocks, it's like gay Braveheart." ILY Finn.

  • I usually don't like the episodes written by Ian, and that kilt scene proved that to me once again. No one writes Blaine like Brad does. And I really missed the make-up scene after Blaine and Kurt disagreeing over Kurt's outfit. But they disagreed and suddenly show up at prom after all?

  • The Kurt/Karofsky talk/apology/confession was a bit random. Touching, but a bit out of the blue, sadly.

  • Friday is not supposed to sound so awesome.

  • Blaine performing at prom! Such an awesome song. So much fun to watch!

  • Puck and Lauren dancing together, awww!

  • Finn/Jesse fight! Pretty awesome scene.

  • During the announcement of Prom King and Prom Queen I was so holding my breath, feeling like something aweful was going to happen (Queer as Folk flashbacks...) and then it did and my heart broke. Poor, poor Kurt. It was heartbreaking. And then after his tears and his anger, the way he stood tall and announced that he was going to go back in there. "They can't touch me." He's so brave and amazing and OMG isn't Kurt Hummel just the best character on TV ever? And Blaine letting him rant and being there for him and OMG the look on Blaine's face when Kurt said he was going to go back in there to get coronated. They're so amazing together


  • Poor Dave...

  • AND THEN. Just when I thought this episode couldn't get better... BLAINE! "Excuse me. May I have this dance?" And I died a little inside.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Chris Colfer deserves every award ever made. And Darren Criss is so amazing. And I'm so happy to have this show in my life and to be able to watch the awesomeness of Kurt and Blaine <3
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