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I signed up for rpf_big_bang! On the very last day, of course. I woke up this morning and realised I hadn't signed up yet, and that I really wanted to sign up. So there. I'm even all exciting about it now :D

Also, I went babysitting today, and me and the 9-year-old girl went outside to play football. Then the ball accidentally ended up in the back garden of one of the neighbours. Said neighbour wasn't home, because she was in the hospital (according to another neighbour) and the door to the back garden was locked. So (with the neighbour's permission, hah!) the girl climbed over the back garden fence (2m high) which had barbed wire on top of it! She grabbed the ball, and left the garden through a hedge at the side. Pretty heroic.

And we both felt like a robbers :P

This is the racing bike that I bought last Friday! I've wanted a racing bike for about a year now, but they are so frigging expensive... But since I've been earning quite some extra money in the past months and since I got a really good summer job, I decided it was allowed to splash out the extra cash on this... So after a good 1000 euros, this shiny amazing bike is now mine! I got a text message on Saturday saying that it was ready, so I went to pick it up. And since then, I've used it three times already, haha. It's standing in my room, and every time that I turn around on my desk chair I see it, and it makes me so happy! It's still so new and shiny and it looks so amazing and I feel really healthy and good when I'm cycling on it.

It's really not fair, though. I'm going to cycle the "Elfstedentocht" on Monday, which is a cycling route of 240km in Friesland, The Netherlands. So I really need to take it easy this week, so I can start the tour well-rested and not tired... But the weather is so amazing at the moment! Clear blue skies, 20 degrees, sun... Everything about this weather screams CYCLING WEATHER. And to make matters worse, they've predicted really nice weather for this weekend... But crappy weather for Monday :( And if there's one thing worse than cycling 240km... It's cycling 240km in the rain ;) I've cycled the tour three times before, and two of those times we had rain all day. I don't want this to be the third time! Only last year we had an amazing day with the perfect wind direction and sunshine all around.

In other news, I'm debating signing up for rpf_big_bang. I've had this idea about a speed skating fic in my head for quite some time now, and allangtegek suggested I write it for the RPF Big Bang Challenge. I quite like the idea... Although I'm usually aweful with these kinds of things. I'm already afraid to sign up, haha. The sign-ups end and June 1, so I still have some time left to decide ;)

And sooo apparently since a few days, Spotify is available in The Netherlands... I had no idea what that was, but the last week I've heard so many people talking about it. I haven't signed up yet, because apparently it's better to sign up if you have an invite code? So I was wondering if any of you have Spotify and know how to get an invite code, or if I should sign up at all ;)
Since fly_meaway asked for pictures of Denmark, I bring you some pictures of Denmark!

Some pictures from Tornby, DenmarkCollapse )

Ever since I got back from Denmark, now over two weeks ago, I somehow lost a bit of my motivation or something. It might have to do with the fact that I'm not as busy as I was before I left. I don't have that many meetings and I don't have a lot of homework at the moment, and also not a lot of work to take care of in general. It's not really that I'm bored all the time, because technically there are things that I could be doing, I just don't do them because they're not strictly necessary or something. So I have a bit of a study crisis. And a bit of a work crisis. I even don't play that much Pokémon anymore, which I think also constitutes a Pokémon crisis. It's not life-threatening and I'm not even depressed about it, it's just something I noticed. I have a lot of meetings again after today, so maybe the motivation will come back when I have actual things to do again?

On the other hand, this motivation crisis brings good things with it as well. These good things are that the lack of time I spend on school/work/Pokémon leaves me with more time for other things, such as writing fics, reading fics, listening to the radio, watching films, doing sports and eating. Which all in all is not a bad list of things to be doing either ;)

Also, I got the best summer job ever! I got hired as an inbound call centre operator for the summer vacation (June 24 - August 30) at the ANWB Alarmcentrale. This is the largest Dutch travel/car/vacation organisation. I'll be taking calls from people who are on holiday outside The Netherlands and who run into trouble. Usually this will be trouble with their car, but it could also be accidents or people who die or other heavy stuff. So I'll be working full-time this summer, hopefully having a great experience, and earning lots of money!

And I've never ever worked full-time. So that should be, er, interesting...
I've been back for five days now, but since my "vacation" in Denmark was actually quite exhausting, I've decided to take an easy week this week. And now it's almost weekend again, and for the first time in ages I don't have any plans for this weekend, which is really nice! I love taking it easy for awhile. I'll probably be bored of that next week, so then I can start being stressed again ;)

So yeah, Denmark! We went there with 11 people from the Scandinavian study society - a really nice group of people. We had two vacation houses in Tornby Strand, and I was in a house with 5 like-minded people, which really surprised me. We all got up early, went to bed early, cooked healthy food, did a lot of active stuff (walking, cycling, football), we all voted GroenLinks during the last elections, and we were all (apart from 1 girl) not straight :P We had a bit of drama on Wednesday afternoon/evening, which was a natural consequence of being around each other 24/7, I think (I wasn't involved in the drama itself, but I hate drama). But after everything was cleared up again, we had fun once more. We had rented bicycles and I think I cycled over 200km in 5 days, which was really cool.

And then I came home Saturday night and I went to my dad's for Easter - where I had way too many chocolate Easter eggs...

I always hate coming back from vacation, because there's suddenly so many things you need to do! I had to hand in an assignment on Tuesday, which I spent 6 hours working on on Monday. I had to go to work on Tuesday, and prepare that whole session as well. But after that I took a few days "off" and mostly took it easy.

Anyway, enough about all that! I hope you all had a good Easter weekend as well. And that you'll have a good weekend this weekend too!

And now it's high time to watch Supernatural which I just downloaded.
So yeah, I'm leaving for Denmark tomorrow, where I'll be staying for a week in a vacation house near the beach in Tornby. For those of you not familiar with Denmark: Tornby is some hole in the middle of nowhere near the North Sea.

I have no idea what people would possibly want to do there, but I'm going with 10 people from our study society, so I'm sure it's gonna be fun.

I won't be around next week though, so I'll talk to you all after Easter again! <3

(also, I have to get up at 5 AM tomorrow because the train leaves at 6.15. But I haven't seen Supernatural yet, and so obviously I need to watch that now, and I'll have a total of 5 hours of sleep. Yay!)
Title : Changing But Never Changed, Claiming But Never Claimed
Rating : PG-13
Pairing : Sven Kramer/Håvard Bøkko
Word count : ~1979
Notes : An overview of the past season (not related to my long story Getting to the Point). Because really, these boys slash themselves and I just need to write it down in the form of a story ;)
And a huge thank you to my sister for reading it over for me!
Disclaimer : Some of the things in this story did happen, but mostly it's all lies and made-up words. No harm intended!
The title is taken from the song River by Lights.

Håvard thought that one of the best things about his friendship with Sven was that the rest of the world didn't seem to understand it.Collapse )
Last Sunday was a classical example of a day I wanted to be able to live three times. The first time to do the 10k run in the park that my running club organised. The second time to go to the Speed Skating World Championships Allround in Heerenveen to see Sven Kramer become World Champion for the fourth time in a row. And the third time to go to Almere to play the Pokémon tournament, which is what I decided to do in the end.

The stupid thing was that I couldn't focus at all during the tournament, and I'm not entirely sure why. So I played like shit and ended up 15th out of 42 players, which is the worst place I ended up in at a Pokémon tournament in a *long* time. But for once I didn't care much, because since I didn't get to play in the finals of the tournament, I got to see the last hour of the speed skating on the television there, and I got to hang out with a few cool people for a few hours. And a friend of mine won the tournament in the end, so that was awesome and needless to say we had a fun drive back to Groningen.

But I have much more to say about the speed skating, and because it was the last speed skating weekend of the season, I feel like I'm allowed to make a long post about it ;)

Last Friday me and my sister took the train to Thialf for the first day of the Championship! It wasn't that exciting, but it's always great being in a sold-out Thialf, and we got to see Sven Kramer and Håvard Bøkko get first and second place at the 5k which is also always fun ;) Also, the fire alarm went off in the middle of an interview with Jonathan Kuck, who looked really taken aback. The interviewer didn't blink and just continued: "Don't worry. That's what we always do when we interview people in Thialf for the first time." Heh.

Sunday was the really exciting day for the Championships of course, and of course that was the day I couldn't see live on the television. Good thing I have a sister who I've raised well, so during the day she kept me up to date with tons of text messages of every news snippet on the speed skating, Sven and/or Håvard in particular... And there were a LOT of news snippets!

  • Apparently Sven and Håvard are such bffs that they trained together on Sunday morning. They had footage of that, which I missed of course, cos I wasn't watching!

  • They then went on to do their warming up together, skating in the same rhythm for a few laps.

  • The commentators kept going on how Sven and Håvard would be friends for the 10k to help each other to a good time.

  • They then continued to tell the Dutch TV audience that Sven and Håvard were in fact such good friends that they went out together in Vancouver to the Sochi house... Where Håvard told stories about how Sven got mistaken for the ice hockey player Sidney Crosby ;)

And then there were pictures of course:

Click here for the restCollapse )
Pictures of Sven and Håvard always make my day.
I received a promotional email with the text "watch the promo".

Absentmindedly, I read it as "watch the porno."

So obviously I - and with me half of The Netherlands - was completely crushed after Sven Kramer's qualification on the 10k last Tuesday. I was in Amsterdam, watching with my sister, and she even had nightmares about it the night after! For me it wasn't quite that bad, but I have had nice speed skating experiences to say the least...

The day after, Wednesday, was still an off-day for me. I was still in Amsterdam, because me and my sister would go to an Owl City concert in Amsterdam that evening. But it was just a crappy day overall:

  • We went shopping, but I couldn't find anything I liked, and didn't buy anything in the end

  • The Owl City concert was too short, and there were too many annoying tweens around

  • I didn't get as much work done for my English Course as I would have liked

So obviously I was still feeling the negative influences of the day before. However, today this changed entirely! It was like all the luck and positive energy that I was missing on Wednesday had been transferred onto today.

  • I walked to the bus stop, and arrived there precisely at the moment the bus arrived!

  • On the train station, I had enough time to go to the Starbucks for an amazing Caramel Latte

  • I got a Metro, the free newspaper, which had a lovely photograph of a smiling Sven*

  • The English course I had to give this afternoon went really well

So all is well in the world again! And The Netherlands will win the gold medal in both the men's and the women's team pursuit ;)


And as a bonus, the one thing I did manage to pluck of the Norwegian TV2 website
I don't think I can embed this video, but check it out anyway, because it is totally worth it. Peter Mueller interviewing Sven Kramer (and Håvard Bøkko). I think it's part of a larger interview (for Norwegian television?), but this is for us obviously the most important part...

So do watch it, it's only 27 seconds!

And I totally approve of this idea! <3

Any Norwegian on my flist who know if this has been broadcasted on TV2 or something? I found the clip on the TV2 website, but I can't watch it from The Netherlands *sadface*